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Tires are the single most important safety feature on your car. They are the only thing that connects the car to the road, and life-saving technologies like antilock brakes and electronic stability control cannot do their job if the tires don’t have a good grip on the pavement.

Nothing lasts forever and car owners will need to replace their tires a few times throughout the life of a typical vehicle. Despite advances in longer-lasting tires, actual tread life will vary by car type, tire type such as all season, high performance, driving aggressiveness, and even road and weather conditions. Proper maintenance and responsible driving can maximize the mileage in a set of tires.  Tire maintenance is very important to the safety and longevity of your car. Tires need to be selected by the right dimension for the vehicle make and model. Tires should be bought in sets of four, or at the very least matching groups of 2 on each axle.

Tire Installation Services

Tires wear in time, tread starts to become thin, which can result in the used wheel losing traction. This creates safety risks that can be avoided. Manufacturers recommend tires must not be used for longer than 10 years. Replacing tires is suggested every 6 years, yet with regular usage tires being replaced every couple of years is more common. Wear happens with regular driving. Other factors such as driving habits, roadway conditions and weather may reduce the life of your tires.

You May Need New Tires If:

  •  Your tread is below 4/32, or can not pass the "penny" test
  •  Footstep is noticeably minimized or flush with the tread bars
  • Irregular tread wear
  •  Bulges, bumps or soft spots on the tire
  •  Damages to the tire that can not be fixed

We Offer Most Major Brands of Tires

At VMB Auto Clinic, we understand that tires are an important part of your car. The quality of tires and material used on them highly affects the vehicle’s performance. Their main purpose is to protect the wheel’s rims and improve vehicle performance. For this reason, we have brand name tires along with economy tires as well. We offer fleet tire management services to ensure you are getting the best value, fuel economy, and life from your tires.

Once a need for new tires is determined, it is necessary to identify the best tires for your vehicle and driving demands. Look for tires that do well in tests for braking, handling, and resistance to hydroplaning. Winter traction should also be considered, especially in Chicago. Let tread wear, ride comfort, noise and rolling resistance be important factors when deciding to replace your old tires. Trust the tire experts at VMB Auto Clinic in Avondale to help you choose the right tires for your vehicle.

Q: How Do I Know If I Need New Tires?

A: Signs that your tires are wearing out or may need replacing include uneven wear, a decline in vehicle handling performance or ride. Tread that looks slick, and a tire that’s losing air faster than it should.

Q: Are Winter Tires Only For Snow Conditions?

A: Winter tires are designed for optimal safety on extreme winter road conditions – dry but cold, rain, slush, ice and snow. They should then be mounted on your vehicle as soon as the temperature begins to approach freezing. Replace Winter with Summer or All-Season Tires as soon as temperatures go consistently above freezing.


Q: What Factors Affect My Tires Performance?

A: Storage conditions and conditions of use – such as inflation pressure, load, speed, temperature, impacts and road hazard injury. The single most important factor is how the tire is maintained once it’s installed on a vehicle.

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