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Emission Repairs & Inspection - Avondale

Serving West Lakeview, Roscoe Village, Logan Square & Chicago, IL.

We all like to take the time out of our day to get our emissions test done? Ok maybe not but there is something even more annoying than an emission test, failing the test.  If your check engine light is on your car will not pass the emissions test. If you receive your test letter and your lights on or have already failed it’s time to come see us.

Smog check programs are part of a commitment towards maintaining and improving air quality. Smog checks are now mandatory when renewing the registration for your vehicle. A smog check procedure ensures that your vehicle is not contributing to the smog in the air.  VMB Auto Clinic can run tests to make sure your car isn’t releasing extra pollutant emissions.  If your vehicle fails the test, then we can fix it.

We have the latest diagnostic equipment with the newest updates and our whole team has years of experience with diagnosing emission failures. Our diagnostic equipment can analyze the problem and tell us what needs to be fixed, such as:

  • Not Getting Enough Power (or any)
  • Bad Ground
  • Clogged Air Filter
  • Vacuum Leaks

A car bought brand new does not need to be tested for four years. Then every two years at the end of the month your plate sticker is due.  Police can ticket cars driving or parked if they see a sticker past due. You can call us and we can run your plate to get the history of tests and when the car is due next.

Call VMB Auto Clinic at (872) 250-0679 for any questions about emission repairs and schedule your appointment today!

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