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About VMB Auto Clinic

VMB Auto Clinic is your trusted family-run business source for your complete car care services. With over 20 years of experience you can trust us to provide the professional auto repair you’re looking for. We know how much you rely on your car for your daily routine – so when it breaks down, our team will quickly diagnose the issue keeping every make and model running safely and smoothly. It’s our promise, when you come to us, you’ll always receive top-tier results.


VMB is a company that was born 29 years ago thinking about the needs of customers in the field of automotive mechanics, lack of guaranteed services and quality by the automotive workshops.

For this reason we adopt as a mission to distinguish ourselves by the quality of the service that we give working in team with our clients with the commitment to protect their patrimony and to offer them a professional and guaranteed warm attention in the benefit of all our services.



We provide the best auto care experience for our communities.


To lead America's auto care into a new level of quality service.





Results Oriented